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Money and Saving

If you know a little about me or my family, you’d know that I come from a very hardworking family. My parents didn’t have half of what I was blessed enough to have. I remember when I used to go shopping with my mom when I was little: EVERY single time…she would always ask for a discount —no matter where we went, a locally owned company, a big retailer or franchise, you name it! There she was asking the sales person what the discount was since she was taking two pairs of shoes! I used to think it was embarrassing!!! It was until I got into business and I started earning my OWN money that it all made sense! “Paying full price was against my parents religion….!” Ha! It sure helped them a lot…and now I apply that to everything I do with my money and my clients’….it doesn’t hurt to try harder to get a better deal. When assisting my clients, I always treat their money like it’s my own.

Last month, after months searching for the right home for one of my clients, we went for the second time to see a model home at one of the new developments in Kanata on a Saturday afternoon. He was ready to sign, that home was THE ONE. However, he wanted to sleep on it so we decided to meet Sunday noon at the sales center to finalize everything. After chatting on the phone later that afternoon and getting all the answers to the questions he had, he was 100% sure. He was putting a signature on it! We already knew what upgrades he was going to take, which ones he would leave off (for later), etc….

When I say I treat my clients’ money as if it were my own….I MEAN IT…that’s why I am so aggressive when it comes to the negotiation and getting the best deal possible. The better the BUY, the better the RETURN at the time of selling.

Sunday morning came and I knew I only had one hour to see if I could get him an even better deal since the sales center opened at 11am. It was 10:59am and I was on the phone parked just a few blocks away from the sales center. In 15 minutes I was able to get my client a gas fireplace that he was planning to upgrade to. WOHOO! —my client was shocked to see that even after knowing that he was set on the price and all the conditions I kept trying to get him more. Well……that’s what he hired me for, no?

And this is one of the reasons why over 95% of my business comes from referrals.

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