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Many of us have thought at one point or the other that buying a brand new home is a hassle-free endeavour, one which requires little guidance; after all, what could go wrong if you’re getting it built from scratch to accommodate your every need and want? That’s the reason most of us are attracted tonew-builds in the first place!

I invite you to re-evaluate these pre-conceptions as I outline the many benefits of working alongside a trusted realtor while looking for your new-build home.

Ever had a friend pay more to buy a condo in a floor that is now facing a brand new high-rise? Or that other friend who bought a home that is backing into hydro lines? And the common woe of so many buyers who chose upgrades at the Design Centre that are costly yet add zero value to their home! We have all been to that one home and thought, “I wish they had better guidance throughout their purchase of this home”. In real estate all these small issues prolong the days a house sits in the market, and lower your chances of getting your asking price when re-selling or renting the home, which ultimately means less money in your bank account on the long run.

When buyers purchase a home in a new development, they typically get an appointment with one of the builder’s designers to choose their finishes. These designers virtually help every buyer in the development; standing out and getting unique quality advice can become a challenge.  Furthermore, relying entirely on the one designer increases the chances that your unit will end up looking like many others in the neighbourhood. Adding unique touches to your home’s interior could help differentiate it from the rest, give you bragging rights with the neighbours, and ultimately add value at the time of renting or re-selling.

Our vision is to help our clients gain a competitive advantage in selling (or renting) before they even build their new home, eliminating the need to further invest in upgrades or renovations in the future.

As our client, we add value by:

Jen the Agent

Negotiating the best price: some builders are strict about price negotiation, however, there’s other ways of saving you money!

Jen the Agent

Narrowing it down:  we assist you and your family in choosing the home which will appreciate the most over time.

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Designer consultation: we compliment this process by providing you with a free and exclusive consultation with the renowned award-winning designer Nathan Kyle, one of Ottawa’s up and coming interior designers who will guide you at the design center by giving you a visual of what the best layout and finishes will be for your home to stand out.

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Pre-Delivery Inspection: We take it a step further and walk you through your PDI (pre-delivery inspection). We ensure the builder delivers on their end of the commitment. Our seasoned realtors can help point out initial building defects that need to be addressed by the builder before you take possession.


With all these value-added services, our ultimate goal is to ensure that whenever you decide to sell or rent out your home, we are able to get top dollar for it. Catering to your every need while buying your new-build home is our mission. We aim to deliver to our clients, not just a great product, but the peace of mind and confidence that the home we’ve helped purchase is the best in terms of price, aesthetics, and both present & future value.

To top it off, our services are completely free to you as a buyer! Let us work with you to find that perfect new construction home, contact us now!

P.S. Don’t forget we must come with you on your first visit to the Sales Center, in order to represent you. FIll the form below or call us right away with any builders you are interested in.


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