Home    For Sale By Owner- FSBO’s (you will want to read this).

Did you know that most people that list their homes on their own end up selling with an agent?? My question is: why not try the other way around? Hiring a Realtor costs you ZERO dollars upfront. A lot of paperwork explained, some discussion and a few signatures is all it takes! You don’t pay anything unless we succeed in selling you home….so again: why would someone do it the opposite way?

I met this couple, not long ago, who had listed their home on Grapevine….for approximately $800 plus tax. That didn’t work so they decided to try COMFREE…so add another $1,000 —after a few add-ons and opting into having their listing on REALTOR.CA for most exposure (on the Toronto board!). So they were at approximately $2,000, 5 two-hour Sundays and a few runs from work to make it to showing requests! I’ve always said….”you don’t go to your doctor for tax advice”, why not give everyone what each individual is good at?

I go to my accountant for tax and financial advice, I send my lawyer all my contracts, I get my hair cuts with a hairstylist, my yearly physical is performed by my doctor, I send my home inspector to check out the properties I want to purchase, I hire my trades to do what they’re good at…!

By hiring a Real Estate Professional you will most likely:

1. Give your home more exposure. You will have other agents “working for you”, bringing buyers in.

2. Price your home RIGHT.

3. Sell your home FASTER (when properties stay listed for too long, some people start thinking there is something wrong with it).

4. Have peace of mind.

5. Have more time to do other things.

6. Deal with NO-STRESS, having to arrange appointments around your work schedule can get frustrating!

7. Have negotiating experience, we do this for a living!

8. Qualified buyers….most agents won’t show buyers houses they cannot afford.9. LEARN! Especially if this is the first home you’re selling. I find my clients go through a little “course” when we are selling their properties. I will go over and explain clauses, terms, clauses and the reasoning behind them. Selling your home shouldn’t be overwhelming!10. Pay commission ONLY if your home is SOLD.

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