Home    5 Things to Learn from Open Houses (for both buyers and sellers!)

For years we used to think that open houses were not effective in selling a house. It was until recently that we started to believe in open houses. “They’re just for the curious neighbours” is what most people say. But there are plenty of reasons to attend open houses,  whether or not you are looking to buy. And why not be honest, that you’re a neighbour curious to see how your area’s market is doing?! 

Here are five reasons to check out those weekend open houses near you:

1. Get to know your local housing market before you buy or sell. 

This is something many wish they had done, especially when they start considering selling. Simply attending a few open houses in your neighbourhood can give you a good idea about the housing market in your area beyond what your real estate agent can help you visualize given that you’d be able to better understand the comparables since you’ve seen them! The prices of comparable homes, features that are popular and attendance levels at open houses is valuable and informative data to have before you put your home on the market.

2. Get ideas for staging. 

Whether you are looking for a professional to help you stage your home or want to do it yourself, attending open houses is a great way to pick up ideas. Notice wall colours, furniture arrangements, styles and accessories, and use this information as a foundation for your own staging process.

3. Gather design inspiration. 

On the other hand, if you’ve recently purchased a home and are looking for decorating and renovation ideas, local open houses can show you what other homeowners have done. It’s especially helpful to look at homes that have floor plans similar to yours.

4. Get comfortable in a home you are considering buying. 

If you’ve been seriously looking to buy for a while, and you have narrowed your prospects down to a few favourite homes, attending the open house can be a nice way to explore the home further and hear what other open house attendees have to say.

5. “Interview ” your next possible agent. 

Seeing an agent in action is a great way to get a feel for his or her style and consider whether you would be a good fit. It also gives you a sense of what he or she does to market homes. Instead of having agents over for an interview, you can see how they carry themselves without them knowing you could be a potential client.

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